Roxbury, CT

Designed as a year-round country home for a young family, this hillside property features stunning views of the Connecticut countryside. Stone retaining walls and bluestone pathways throughout the site link the main house to the parking area, garage, guest/pool house and tennis court. In the pool area, a crescent-shaped lawn bordered by perennial gardens provides a level space for running, games and entertaining. The tennis court, located at the highest point on the property, is accessible by a series of stone steps tucked into the hillside.

Terraced areas on the site allow shrub massings and perennial gardens to knit into the landscape. With the exception of plantings located in the protected pool area, the site’s shrub and perennial selections were chosen for their deer resistance. Such plants include Peonies, Russian Sage, Boxwood, Mountain Laurel and Inkberry.

Francine Fleischer

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